Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook Effect

Madam: useless maid!! y didnt u com last week? tat 2 without infrmng me??
Housemaid: oye madam! I had updated my facebook status as "will be out of town 4r a week" sir knw!! He even commented "come soon!!" "miss u "

British Man

A british man was suppose to eat a pizza in his office.
On the 13th floor a man came and shouted "Peter your daughter died in an accident"
He didnt know what to do he jumped from his office window.
When he was near the 10th floor her remembered that he didnt have daughter,
When he was near the 5th floor he remembered that he was not married,
& when he was suppose to hit the ground he remembered that "he was not peter."
Moral: Pizza had gone (Vadai poche)


Comparison is the best way to judge your progress. But dont compare with others. Compare your yesterday with your today & get it better tomorrow.